About Us

About Palestrol

At Palestrol, we are a prominent industrial trading company, specializing in the stocking and distribution of specialized engineering-related products and solutions. With a vast network of global suppliers, we pride ourselves on our ability to serve a diverse range of industries, including continuous production factories, engineering firms, hospitality establishments, and precision industries. Our team possesses the expertise and resources required to effectively address both technical and commercial challenges

Best company in the industry
Mike Harris
Palestrol Recognized by 100 + Comapnies

Our History

Our commitment to efficiency is underscored by our integrated computer tracking system and custom-designed software. This empowers our service staff to assist customers in placing orders, estimating delivery times, accessing sales history, and managing inventory levels, all within minutes.

In addition to our industrial supplies division, we have diversified into equipment and spares to bridge the gap between the past and the future.

Our Products

  • Automotive Lubricants
  • Industrial Lubricants and Greases
  • Food Grade Lubricants
  • Lubricant Maintenance
  • Screw Compressors, Oil-free Compressors
  • Filters for Air/Gas and Sterile Applications
  • Dryers, Air Receiver Tanks, After-market Filters & Condensate Management
  • Cleaning Equipment – Industrial Vacuum (ATEX approved)
  • Conveyors & Chains
  • Chemicals
  • Car Care Products
  • Drum Handling Equipment
  • Compressor Service, Installation & AMC Contracts
  • Open Gear Services
  • Quick Release Fluid and Gas Couplings
  • Auto Lubricators
  • Hygiene Chemicals
  • Fluid Mixing Stations

What Our Clients Say

"Best in the world "
Jammie White
“Loved the Product best for my Company”
Michael Johnson
“We are regular buyer from Palestrol”
Julie Kyle