Lubricant Paste

Regardless of whether it's by provoking fretting corrosion, stick-slip or seizing: challenging production conditions can badly affect machine components and be the cause of the significant wear that often leads to costly repairs. However, you can clearly combat these issues with assembly pastes from Palestrol Lubrication. Our pastes help to increase the lifetime of your components by providing reliable and efficient protection, even under the most extreme conditions.

At a glance: assembly pastes from Palestrol Lubrication

  • High performance under the most extreme conditions: for example, at high temperatures of up to 1200 °C or enormous compressive loads
  • Effective help during assembly: in positive or power-locking connections, for example
  • Reliable protection: against tribocorrosion, fretting corrosion, or stick-slip
  • High-quality solutions: competence and expertise based on more than 90 years of research and experience

What are industrial-use assembly pastes?

Assembly pastes are grease-like lubricants with a high content of solid lubricant. They form a highly effective lubricating film that reliably separates your components from each other, even under the most difficult conditions, and provide long-lasting protection for your components. Due to their excellent thermal stability they deliver outstanding performance even at very high temperatures.

The benefits of lubricating pastes and assembly pastes

Effective protection against a wide variety of abrasion risks such as tribocorrosion, seizing, wear, and fretting corrosion

High performance in both normal temperature and high temperature ranges

Reliable operation under high forces in bolted joints

No stick-slip at high surface pressure and low speed

Support for run-in processes on a wide variety of machines and components